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Starting 2019 with a Bullet Journal

Like many people, I like starting a new journal every year. But keeping it up throughout the rest of the year is always very challenging – I forget to use it everyday and end up being lazy to continue! 

When I found out bullet journals, about a couple years ago, I really wasn’t interested in it at all. It’s hard for me to keep up a normal planner, let alone a full hand-decorated journal? It just seemed impossible to me! If you are like ‘what the heck is a bullet journal?’, and want to know more about the basic concept of it, read this.

But recently, a video by Pypha’s Art about her 2019 bullet journal came up on my explore page on YouTube. After watching a couple more related videos, I knew I had to go get a notebook so I can start a bullet journal for the new year! I thought, if I shared it on my blog every month then I’ll push myself more to keep it up. Also, I’ve always wanted to doodle more so this is a perfect opportunity! 

Another YouTuber that inspired me is Amanda from AmandaRachLee. This video, specifically, was very helpful for me when getting ideas for the first few pages.

If you want to know about how I set up my 2019 bullet journal, keep on scrolling down!

When you flip the cover, you first see the keys. Especially since it’s my first time starting a bullet journal, it’s very convenient to have all those symbols on the first page so I can go back anytime I need!

When you flip to the next page, it says ‘Say Hello to 2019’ just as an intro to the journal. On the other side, there’s a mini calendar of each month just as an overview of the year. Some of you might have already caught this, but I messed up the month of June – I started the month on a Sunday instead of Saturday! But rather trying to fix it, I decided to just leave it to keep the page clean.

These few pages are for annual events, holidays, birthdays, or anything that I already know for sure is happening!

I strongly believe in setting up goals for everything even for small little things! I find it the most effective to set up goals for the year as a whole, and break them down for every month or even every week! This way, every small win makes you feel rewarding which will help you push yourself to achieve bigger goals!

One of my personal goals for this year is to watch more movies and TV shows, read more books, and listen to more podcasts! So I decided to dedicate a whole spread to write down a checklist with boxes that I can fill in once complete!

Since I decided to start a blog, I needed a space where I can brainstorm for content. This layout is perfect for brainstorming for big projects!

As far as my suppliers go, I got all of mine from a local stationery store, Recess Shop. Most of these are available online shops like Amazon.

Bindewerk Notebook LEINEN | 9 x 14 cm, 96 sheet dot matrix
The texture of the cover and dotted pages is really nice, but I don’t think this notebook is ideal for bullet journal. But since it was the best option I could choose from, I had to get it! I just wish the pages are a bit thicker, so the ink doesn’t bleed through. It looks like Bindewerk only ships to certain countries in Europe – I’m not sure where you can get this from in other countries.

Faber-Castell | PITT Artist Pen Black 199*** Brush Pen
I love this pen so much! As a hand lettering beginner, I find the harder brush tip really helpful with controlling each stroke. You can get it in a set from Amazon, but I’m sure you can get it individually from any art suppliers like Michael’s.

MUJI | Brush Pen, Black
I got this one from a MUJI store, and it looks like they don’t sell it on their website. I used this one if I have to black out large shapes because it’s the only thicker pen I have that doesn’t bleed.

MUJI | Gel Ink Ball Point Pen, 0.38mm, Black
If you are looking for a thin, solid black pen, this is it! You can get it from MUJI or Amazon

UNI-BALL |  UM 153 Signo Broad Point Gel Pen
This pen is thicker than I would like it to be. However, I do like it for its opaqueness. I have no problem using it even on coloured background. And these are very easy to find! You can get it individually or in sets from Amazon.

OHTO | Mechanical Pencil Wood Sharp with Eraser, APS-280E, 0.5mm
Both my boyfriend and I are obsessed with this pencil. First, it’s ADORABLE – it looks like an old-school pencil but mechanical. Second, it’s so thin that it’s really easy to control the grip when I’m drawing! Also can be found on Amazon.

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